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Gaming platforms have long struggled with the challenge of onboarding gamers seamlessly, particularly when it comes to connecting wallets to gaming accounts. This process has historically been a roadblock for many gamers, resulting in significant drop-off rates during onboarding. 

However, a couple of web3 platforms have come up with solutions to give gamers a seamless onboarding experience. One of the platforms to watch out for is Venly, a web3 platform that has developed innovative solutions to address this issue head-on. By offering in-game wallets and leveraging their wallet API and gaming SDK, Venly is revolutionizing the gamer onboarding experience, making it more accessible and user-friendly than ever before. 

How exactly did they solve this nightmare that’s plaguing the gaming industry? Well, we’ll explore how Venly makes it easier for gaming platforms to onboard gamers smoothly and effortlessly in this publication.

I. The Problem with Wallet Connection and Onboarding

Connecting wallets to gaming accounts has often been a cumbersome and confusing process for gamers. Many gaming platforms experience a staggering 97% drop-off rate during this stage of onboarding. This can be attributed to various factors, including the complexity of the connection process, lack of user-friendly interfaces, and the overall inconvenience it poses to gamers eager to dive into their gaming experience.

This is a problem that affects both sides. Wallet connection is a gamer’s nightmare, while an incomplete onboarding process is a founder’s nightmare.

II. Venly’s Solution: Introducing In-Game Wallets:

Venly recognizes these hurdles and has developed a pioneering solution to streamline the onboarding experience. Their approach involves providing gamers with in-game wallets linked directly to their gaming accounts upon signup. By integrating an in-game wallet into the onboarding process, Venly eliminates the need for separate wallet connections and simplifies the experience for gamers.

Now, imagine this: you’re playing your favorite video game, and you want to buy some cool in-game items or power-ups. Instead of going through a long and complicated process of making a payment outside the game, Venly’s In-Game Wallets make it super easy and convenient for players like you!

With Venly’s Solution, you can store and manage your virtual currency, tokens, or even real money within the game itself. It’s like having your own digital wallet right at your virtual fingertips! No more exiting the game or dealing with multiple payment platforms.

In-Game Wallets simplify the whole process by integrating the payment system directly into the game. This means you can make in-game purchases seamlessly, without any interruptions to your gaming experience.  Plus, it provides a more secure way to handle transactions, ensuring that your valuable assets are protected within the game’s ecosystem.

Venly’s Solution aims to enhance the gaming experience for both players and developers. As a player, you get a smooth, hassle-free payment experience, while developers can focus on creating awesome games instead of worrying about complex payment integrations. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

So, whether you’re a serious gamer or just love the occasional virtual adventure, Venly’s In-Game Wallets add a touch of convenience and simplicity to your gaming experience. Happy gaming and earning! 

III. Venly’s Wallet API: Seamlessly Integrating Wallet Functionality

To make the user onboarding process even more seamless, Venly offers a powerful wallet API. This API allows gaming platforms to integrate Venly’s wallet functionality directly into their applications with ease. Whether gamers are playing on mobile, desktop, or console, Venly’s wallet API ensures a consistent and user-friendly experience across multiple platforms.

IV. Gaming SDK: Quick and Easy Integration

Venly’s gaming software development kit (SDK) is another feature that sets them apart. This SDK is designed specifically for game developers, providing them with the tools and resources necessary to integrate Venly’s in-game wallets effortlessly. By simplifying the development process, Venly empowers gaming platforms to have their wallets up and running in no time, reducing the barriers to adoption and enabling a smooth onboarding experience for gamers.

V. The Benefits of Venly’s Approach

1. Enhanced User Experience: Venly’s in-game wallets and intuitive user interfaces eliminate friction in the onboarding process, resulting in a superior user experience. Gamers can seamlessly connect their wallets and dive into the gaming experience without delays or complications.

2. Increased Adoption Rates: By removing the complexities associated with wallet connection, Venly’s solution significantly reduces drop-off rates during onboarding. This, in turn, leads to higher adoption rates as more gamers continue through the signup process and join the gaming platform.

3. Cross-Platform Flexibility: Venly’s wallet API and gaming SDK ensure that gamers can access their in-game wallets across various platforms. Whether playing on mobile, desktop, or console, users can easily manage their in-game assets and transactions without restrictions.

4. Secure and Trustworthy Infrastructure: Venly places great emphasis on security. Their platform incorporates industry-standard security measures, protecting gamers’ assets and personal information. By building trust and providing a secure infrastructure, Venly encourages gamers to connect their wallets with peace of mind.


Venly is revolutionizing how gamers onboard to gaming platforms by offering in-game wallets and providing a seamless user experience from signup to gameplay. With their wallet API and gaming SDK, Venly eases the integration process for gaming platforms, enabling a quick setup of in-game wallets and enhancing user adoption rates. 

By addressing the convoluted process of connecting wallets to gaming accounts, Venly empowers gamers to dive into their gaming experience effortlessly. Through their innovative solutions, Venly is reshaping the landscape of gamer onboarding, fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for gaming platforms and enthusiasts alike.

If you are the founder of a gaming platform, check out Venly today and integrate their API into your ecosystem. To know more about their innovations and documentation, check out their documentation page.

You can also reach out directly to Gerbert Vandenberghe, Venly’s COO and Co-founder. The team is always available and happy to put you through.

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