Yusuf Oyafajo – Direct Response Marketer

Hi, I am Yusuf Oyafajo.

I write professional grade copy that focuses on sales and marketing. 

Oftentimes, small tweaks in words and layout can result in huge changes in sales.

Here is what I can DO FOR YOU

I can help you:

  • Design a sales funnel to boost the R.O.I of your Ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube etc..
  • Create an e-mail autoresponder series that increases monthly profits (one email per day).
  • Craft professional website & Landing page content that will help you build trust and keep your readers engaged.
  • Create infallible marketing content for your marketing campaigns. 
  • Work hand in hand with you to create insane offers that will multiply your sales this quarter.
  • Train you and your employees on how to craft highly converting sales content.

If getting more customers this month sounds like something you would love, kindly contact me via the link below so that we can discuss further.

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