Crypto & Fintech

What did i do in this space?

  • Developed and implemented digital marketing strategies that increased website traffic by 20% and lead generation by 30%
  • Managed social media content strategy and created engaging content that increased engagement rates by 25%
  • Created marketing campaigns that resonated researched audience.
  • Created and managed email marketing campaigns that increased email open rates by 15%
  • Used SEO techniques to improve website ranking and increased organic traffic by 10%
  • Collaborated with the sales team to develop lead-generation strategies and tactics
  • Analysed and reported on the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and made data-driven recommendations for improvement
Stader Labs

Blockchain | Crypto | Staking | Web3

While at Stader, I was part of the growth team that launched Stader from the scratch till we hit 70,000+ active stakers with over $100M staked and $20M reward payouts.

I’m sharing some of the strategies and content we used to achieve this.


Crypto | Bitcoin | Fintech | Blockchain

As a Marketing Consultant for Incub Exchange, I drew a content marketing plan and set up some milestones to be achieved in the first quarter.

I’m sharing some of the marketing content I crafted out to this effect.

5 – Designs

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